“Think about the strangeness of today’s situation. Thirty, forty years ago, we were still debating about what the future will be: communist, fascist, capitalist, whatever. Today, nobody even debates these issues. We all silently accept global capitalism is here to stay. On the other hand, we are obsessed with cosmic catastrophes: the whole life on earth disintegrating, because of some virus, because of an asteroid hitting the earth, and so on. So the paradox is, that it’s much easier to imagine the end of all life on earth than a much more modest radical change in capitalism.”

  Slavoj Zizek. (via vulturehooligan)

david lynch is directing a movie
with a vaporwave soundtrack
about watching blitz bombs from
popout chairs on the gaza strip
there’s a timelapse scene
of confused honey bees
with a cut straight to detorit;
dan gilbert’s snapping up buildings
at bargain basement prices
saxaphone is happening
pinks and blues and greens dance
to something slowed down
reflective of another faster
paced picture
dave’s voice yells
b/c the actors aren’t
reacting enough

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Why Don’t You Play in Hell — Sion Sono — 2013

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wow, i should maybe stop sleeping in b/c when i do my dreams are whack. this dream was set in philadelphia. i was getting back into lolita and hanging with a bunch of sweet lolitas wearing a gothic outfit. i had one friend there who was wearing a super casual emily temple cute coord. we got on a bus to go to some restaurant for the meet up. that was ok, i got to talk to my friend about how lame we thought all the other lolitas were. when we get there is when things start to go awry. first of all there’s a giant line. and we have to stand in it, but then i loose everyone in the group and the next thing i know a large man is assaulting me. he is pulling my dress and saying stuff that i can’t understand because it’s a dream and like everything is coming out charlie brown style. when i try to make him stop at first i can’t and everyone around me seems to think it’s ok. but he finally does and listens to me about why what he was doing was wrong. finally i get into the place and everyone is getting served cheeseburgers but me!! i still couldn’t find the other lolitas so i tried to make my way to the back. on the way i stole a pickle from someone else’s table and ate most of it. the back is just a bathoom, but im there already so i go in with a half eaten pickle in my mouth and look in the mirror. my dress was all of a sudden white annnnd i wasn’t wearing a blouse so i could see my chest, which had a copious amount of chest hair. i am not even sure that i was still in my own body! in horror i leave the bathroom and I finally find my companions. my friend with the casual outfit is like, “where have you been?” i tell her not to worry and ask her to order me a cheeseburger. then i wake up…

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Why Don’t You Play in Hell — Sion Sono — 2013

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Why Don’t You Play in Hell — Sion Sono — 2013

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Why Don’t You Play in Hell — Sion Sono — 2013

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basically my daily breakfast, but i usually separate the white and just eat the yolk

this happened

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a poem that is my notes on the Internet from the beginning of 2011, reproduced here precisely


Notes on the Internet


homesickness for a virtual place/ a “not place” the pre-corporate, flush wealth of amateurism  

the dirty style, the vernacular web as inherently nostalgic, the use of irony

to conjure it up in elegiac juxtaposition    flarf as mourning

“digital poetry” which celebrated aspirational technology

and ignored, entirely, that which celebrated the vernacular reality of that technology

which had a resistance to the social internet in favor of the

aspirational code based art in its e-commerce awfulness, now kitsch

for its overreaching, innocence

the mostly failure of the “cold” technological future in favor of the “hot”

one of TMI, trolls, inflated passions, so much blowing air and

flashing, mixing, collecting

the way this manifested in art, and (barely) in literature,

which resists, always, that it has been freed from itself

into the screen

the way the internet was a giant, unfiltered affect machine

put on to feel




the internet as vast desubjectification apparatus  

desubjectification as land grab

irony as desubjectification

nostalgia for the future &

nostalgia for nostalgia &

nostalgia for:

1.  the book

2.  the city

proving the death of 1. the future 2. nostalgia 3. the book and 4. the city

a private counter-longing for:

the wide margin (the internet de-urbanizing cities, the city as sham, the

city as gentrified playground, the de-urbanization evidenced in the

predicitive exurban genius emerging in new de-urbanized vanguards)

language freed from the book (the open, endless vertical of the screen)


3.  also:


*WHAT IS CONTEMPORARY ? The blank space between the stars.

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loving a ghost

don’t expect stability from a
geographical ghost
or rely on them to keep you company
after all you’re in different planes
24 month time frame
when it’s already been nearly that
remember that a ghost’s scent
is only a memory
there is nothing to hold

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