yamamoto (burqalite)

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“… when the surface shifts
water washes into old whitewashed tires.
But that place
doesn’t disappear.
These shifts,
Busted cattails frothing near a bottle of bleach.”

In the Marble of Your Animal Eyes by Nathan Hauke, reviewed by Brenda Sieczkowski (via therumpus)

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this ramen is my boyfriend


Blaise Cepis


Fallen Angels (1995)

I had a beautiful dream that a tsunami crushed me

it’s so beautiful in my sleep
to see a ceiling of
white crystalline
short fused fear followed
by nothing
by white
by silence

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Shimabuku, Sea and Flowers, 2013

"Here we find Shimabuku wondering about where the flower came from, and how it got there, and deciding to illustrate its voyage by offering the sea petals without knowing if, someday, they will make a landfall somewhere. As we are well aware, though, it is not really the arrival that counts."



i have this in my room, i got it as a free poster from the araki exhibit’s gallery








"An eminently Proustian inspiration led Leon Daudet, whose political folly is too gross and too obtuse to do much harm to his admirable talent, to turn his life into a city"

"Ernst’s Airs hongrois variés (Variations on Hungarian Tunes) enjoyed some popularity but was eventually displaced by Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen. “

while stavrogin was talking to his mother she motioned twice to mister drozdov to come up to her, as though wishing to whisper something to him; but the moment he bent over her, she burst out laughing.

The demonical form of possession is usually thought to have had its origin in early Christianity; yet in fact both possession and exorcism pre-date the time of Christ.

Page 206 was just a blank page..

From there they journeyed to Gudgodah, and from Gudgodah to Jotbathah, a land of rivers of water. -Deuteronomy 10:7 (from the obligatory hotel bible)

-bombarded them endlessly with remembered readings from the codex astartes, faith instruction and training rhetoric across the open channels of the vox

"Well, till we meet again…"he said, holding out his hand to Tushin. (oh god War and Peace knows me)

haha im so happy i found my favorite hat when i cleaned my room. i know it doesnt look like much but…

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acrylic and oil on canvas
120 x 90 cm