i want to write something to you
while soft rain caresses
my screen window
tapping here
tapping here
struggling to find the keys
i keep forgetting to bring my notebook
how is philadelphia?
how is los angeles?
how is new mexico?
how is venezuala?
how is london?
kanagawa decided to get cold
a few days ago

{i wanted a new muse
but yer still it
even if you’re a ghost
who cares
we can write to whomever we wish
because you still exist
in a dreamscape}

he told me america
has broken his faith in
& i can see his point
rly rly
we can’t backpedal
we can’t let them

i’m smoking a lot lately
i’m forgetting to exercise
i’m getting up for work again
it’s hard basically

i’ve been really blocked
words only come when there’s movement
when i am in transit
but i keep forgetting to bring my notebook

{i’m writing in the dark
when i should be sleeping
when you should be holding me
when i should be dreaming
when you should be meeting me}

one of my bracket keys is stuck
i just spent too long on that last line

i don’t believe in the term alt lit
b/c it’s poetry
we meddle with abstractions
when words are abstract enough
just a thought just a thought
i stammer a lot
i’m not sure how else to get
my point across

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just uh gonna reblog myself


6 Tracks. Visions of China. Visions of Japan.

“The Mush debut from Shinamo Moki is the six-track EP, You Couldn’t Be More Distant. Like the earlier productions from the group that have begun to catch the ears of forward-thinking electronic fans, the EP is built with electronic manipulation of acoustic and ethnic instrumentation to create a hybrid sound that is truly unique. The groups influences of 90s Anime, Asian folk music, and UK folkloric pioneers shine throughout the EP. Melodicas, Kotos, Zithers, Bells, and other acoustic instruments take center stage on tracks like “Helliotrope” and “Golden Koban” while the warbled electronic pads of “Feng Jin Tu Plan” and the glitch-hop drums on “Hanabi” add low punch. As the EP finishes with “Go With Me” and “Rowena’s Wedding” it is clear that Shinamo Moki packs more ideas and polish in an EP than are typically found in electronic releases.”
released 19 August 2014 

Art by Sara Zin.


Fishscape, 2008 by Akiyoshi Osumi

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Blue bottle jellyfish washed up on Newcastle Beach in Australia


That gum you like is going to come back in style.

best of snapchat

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In the Mood for Love, Kar Wai Wong (2000)

perfect film

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lumine is probably my favorite group of malls

eiiii, this sunday/parfait was fucking huge and full of strawberry flavored popcorn

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this is real life with noodlenaddle

whahaha this happened, yesterday was awesome

tofubeats - 水星(Kokushimusou Summer Morning RAVE AMEN Mix Boogie Back Last Anthem Edit)

We will meet again at Anthem 10 years later…